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Frequently Asked Questions


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Why is it so important to keep my car clean?
Having a clean car obviously keeps it looking nicer, but there are more technical reasons to keep your car clean.  Abrasive particles attach themselves to your paint and finish. If your car is not washed on a regular basis, these particles can scratch the finish of your car. Certain substances like bird droppings or tree sap can even eat through your clear coat.


How often should my car be washed?
Ideally, it is recommended that your car should be washed once a week. This ensures the vehicle’s surface remains free of debris that can scratch or eat away at the paint.


Does a professional car wash or home wash use more water?

Studies have shown that professional car washes on average use 35 to 45 gallons of water per vehicle depending on the type of wash. Washing your car at home typically uses anywhere from 70 to 145 gallons of water depending on whether you turn the water off when not in use, water pressure, and time spent washing.

It just rained. Do I still need to clean my car?
Yes. Rain or snow means it is a critical time to protect your vehicle’s finish. Pollutants from the air become trapped in the raindrops or snowflakes that settle on your vehicle. The sun evaporates the water and leaves behind concentrated acid that can damage your vehicle’s finish over time.


Is Aqua Express Car Wash environmentally friendly?
Yes we are. The Clean Water Act of 1972 required that water from a professional car wash be piped to a treatment facility. Car washing at home is surprisingly worse because it puts soaps and dirt from the road into the storm drains which can leak into ponds and lakes.





Aqua Express Car Wash North – Oklahoma City
6922 N. May Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Ph: (405) 286-2741
Turbo Express Car Wash – Oklahoma City
1000 W. Memorial Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK  73114
Ph: (405) 254-3990
Turbo Express Car Wash – Edmond
1800 E 2nd St,
Edmond, Ok 73034
Ph: (405) 844-9756

Aqua Express Car Wash – Lawton
302 NW Sheridan,
Lawton, OK 73505
Ph. 580-591-0012

Aqua Express Car Wash – Enid
1721 W Owen Garriott,
Enid, OK 73703
Ph. 580-540-4380

Aqua Express Car Wash – OKC
940 N Council Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Phone: (405) 787-9662